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The Company

Our passion is the main force that drives us into performing well for BitsAbound Inc. We love what we do and that’s why, we’ve strengthened our ties with IT enthusiasts who are genuinely committed to take this company to the peak
of its success.

BitsAbound Inc

Our Process

We Like to invlove our clients thorugh-out the development process with their active feedback. Clients feedback and their interest added with our methodical apporch ensures a product that is innovative, according to clients requiments and easy to use.

Bitsabound Inc

Our Services

Software Consultancy

With over 25 years of software development experience in diverse technologies. We are a one stop partners for your technology needs.

Custom App Development

We will develop your app for the hottest new platforms. We accept a variety of payment models including fixed cost, hourly and revenue sharing. Not familiar with publishing? we will publish your app on the desired platform on our account.

Custom Product Development

We will develop full featured web solutions using technologies such as NodeJS, Postgres, AWS, as well as ASP.Net with SQL server backend. We've expertise with a variety of tech stacks.

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Santa Clara, CA 95051