Bits Abound : Hardware


BitsAbound offers our clients complete turn-key product design services. BitsAbound can be engaged at the early specification phase, through product manufacturing and not just limited to board design. Our combined experience of over decade in hardware, software / firmware design, and manufacturing/product support gives us an edge in fully understanding the overall requirements of your products. We can be engaged from the initial stage of product idea conceptualization, through the drawing up of specifications, and also can identify and suggest suitable components.

We strive to design and produce the best performance product at the lowest possible produced cost. We design the hardware with close interaction with your designers taking care of the ease of production issues. In other words, by hardware design we mean paying close attention to every aspect of your product till it reaches its satisfied customers.

We can partner with you with any or all stages of your hardware design process.

How will you benefit

  • Experience of over a decade in hardware design and total product development.
  • Significant cost savings as the hardware design and development will be carried out at our off-shore development facility at Mumbai.
  • Improved product time to market.
  • Ability to focus resources on key corporate core competencies.
  • New projects can be started immediately, no hiring or training of development staff.

Our capabilities

  • Microprocessor based systems design
    Intel, Motorola, Mips range of processors ( 80186, 80188, 80386 – 80X86, i960, R3000, and 68000 )
  • Embedded systems design based on microcontrollers
    Intel, Motorola, Atmel, Hitachi range of microcontrollers ( 8051, 80251, 80196, 6805 & 68H11 )
  • DSP based embedded systems design
    Texas Instruments ( TI – 320C5x ) and Analog Devices ( ADSP 2100 ) Families
  • FPGA and ASIC design
    Altera, Xilinx, Cypress families
  • Adapter cards and peripheral controller cards
    ISA, PCI ( PLX – PCI9080, PCI9060, PCI 9052, PCI9050 ), VME, PCMCIA bus based cards
  • User Interface systems design
    LCD panels, Touch screen based designs
  • Serial Bus interfaces
    USB ( Universal Serial Bus )
  • Communications – Networking
    Ethernet, Asynchronous, Synchronous ( EIA232 – RS232, EIA422 – RS422, EIA485 – RS485, V.35 )
  • Telephony – Computer Telephony Interface ( CTI )
  • Industrial Automation, Controls, Process Control
  • Audio / Video Systems Design
  • Intelligent Controller ( Single board ) design


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